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Kyle Kindred: Music

F.M. Prayers

(Grade 3)

F.M. Prayers

Between the metropolitan hubs of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio lie the vast and varied landscapes of Central Texas.  Solitude can easily be found on a country highway.  Still, the wind blowing through the wide open spaces is filled with the radio waves, cell phone signals, prayers, memories, hopes, and dreams that keep us all tied together.  F.M. Prayers was commissioned by the Thrall High School and Thorndale High School Bands, directed by Scott Simmons and Beth Morrison.

F.M. Prayers is designed to fit a large variety of instrumentations available in younger wind bands.  Percussion parts may be adequately filled by five players but can include as many players as desired through doublings of crystal glass and wind hose parts.  Oboe and bassoon parts, while active and unique within the piece, may be omitted if these instruments are not available.  Tempo and meter indications are set up to facilitate a most straight-forward presentation of the music with almost no subdivision of beats required by players, although conducting larger beats (2 beats in 4/4 and 1 beat in 3/4) might be effective for more advanced groups.  It will be necessary to acquire a minimum of 3 crystal glasses and 1 wind hose to accommodate percussion needs for this work, which provides an opportunity to produce unique atmospheric textures by utilizing unique sounds produced onstage as well as from the audience seating area as desired.

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