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Kyle Kindred: Music

In Store

(Grade 5)


After the passing of my grandfather in 2005, my family was left with the duty of auctioning off a jewelry retail and repair business of almost 30 years. A few of my own seemingly-magical childhood memories of many long days spent in this building became the inspiration for this piece. In Store was commissioned by the 2006-07 Clark County School District Honor Band of Las Vegas, Nevada, conducted by Jerry Junkin.

I. RestaurHaunt – In the pitch-black passageways underneath my grandfather's jewelry store in Ark City, Kansas lie the remains of an old restaurant, located there almost a century prior. On a couple of daring “expeditions” through that frighteningly still basement, a friend and I explored the remains of a cavernous area that had likely not been visited for decades.

II. Candy Apple Shag – The floor of the small cozy office where my grandmother kept the books for the jewelry business was lined with a soft, thick, candy apple red shag carpet upon which I remember taking many naps as a child.

III. On The Hour – In addition to selling jewelry, watches, clocks, and guns, my grandfather also made repairs in the workshop at the back of the store. Constantly through the day, the “tic-toc” sounds of an endless array of pocket watches, wrist watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, grandmother clocks, and grandfather clocks could be heard. Upon the arrival of each hour, a thunderous cacophony of chimes, alarms, electronic tunes, and cuckoos would ring throughout the workshop, the small office with the red shag carpet, and even the dark passageways below.

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