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Kyle Kindred: Music

The Candy Sweet

(Grade 5)


The Candy Sweet is a set of three short pieces for band at varying grade levels, each inspired by an association with a specific type of junk food or candy. The pieces might be performed together as a suite or performed (and purchased) individually. 

Melting Sunday (Grade 5) was conceived less as a depiction of a melting ice cream sundae than an icy landscape slowly giving way to the warmth of the “Sunday sun.”

Licorice is a simple sweet tune written for my old, simple, and sweet black cat -- named Licorice (Grade 3).

Pop! (Grade 4) was composed as the score for the award-winning short film Clotheslined, produced and directed by Aaron Leggett and Franklin Petersen. The music accompanying this slapstick confrontation between two college boys in a laundromat explores a few fun musical clichés associated with our favorite move genres: suspense, horror, action, comedy, and romance—all best enjoyed whilst devouring a large tub of butter popcorn!

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